About Us


Location and Contact

District Office:

4727 San Pablo Avenue
Emeryville, CA 94608

Phone: 510.601.4906

Anna Yates Elementary
1125  53rd Street
Emeryville, CA 94608

Phone: 510.601.4917 or 18

Emery Secondary School
1100  47th Street
Emeryville  CA 94608

Phone: 510.601.4998

Mission Statement

Emery Unified is a uniquely diverse Pre-K – 12 Public School District committed to promoting respect and engagement with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.  With highly trained educators, we prepare all students for college and career by providing a challenging education supported by effective technology. We support the whole child in partnership with the City of Emeryville and its dynamic businesses.

Board Approved District Goals & Strategies

Goal 1 – All students in EUSD will be provided with equitable access to educational opportunities and programs for economic, political and social empowerment.

Strategy- Identify programs that will lead to economic, political and social empowerment.

Goal 2 – All students will learn and demonstrate 21st century skills including collaboration, critical thinking and creativity to be college and career ready.

Strategy- We will develop a common understanding of 21st Century skills, ensure that staff is implementing effective instructional strategies, and students are engaged in critical thinking, creativity and collaborative activities.

Goal 3 – Innovative technology will be integrated to facilitate global awareness, communication, collaborative learning and critical thinking.

Strategy- Identify innovative technology and the specific skills and activities necessary to achieve global awareness, communication, collaborative learning and critical thinking.

Goal 4 – To provide a comprehensive multi-use city-school campus that fosters a respectful environment, engages students in an innovative education, and offers comprehensive resources to bring members of the Emeryville community together to interact and learn.

StrategyWe will implement an innovative education within a respectful climate.

Strategy: We will identify and offer comprehensive resources to the Emeryville community.



Our Core Values

 We believe…

…all students are teachable and deserve a safe, welcoming and customized educational experience that is innovative, challenging, gratifying, inquiry- based and collaborative.

…that a well-structured learning environment that includes transparent and consistent expectations, routines and procedures, and highly trained and supported teachers, which will result in opportunities for students to: problem solve, learn how to learn, think critically and honor diversity.

…in exciting, strong and innovative programs that nurture students from cradle to career in partnership with families, business and community stake holders.

…in explicitly teaching the value and purpose of each lesson, that ongoing effort and improvement is more important than performance, and that failure is an opportunity to improve.

…all adults are educators committed to upholding the highest professional ethics and strive to reflect on our practices and biases.

…learning occurs best when teachers and students collaborate and reflect among themselves as well as with one another.

…the ongoing flow of positive, healthy communication between staff, students, families, and the community is integral to student success and inspiring future leaders.


In social justice and inclusive practices that promote equity across race, gender, sexual identity and ability status.

…families and all staff care about our students, embrace and acknowledge their strengths and want to build relationships with them.

…that families want to be involved and be an active participant in their child’s learning.