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Equity and Access: Inclusive Programming for Students with Special Needs

Preschool Program: In partnership with the YMCA/Head Start program, children aged 3-5 have the opportunity to be enrolled in all or part of the Head Start program in order to have access to a typical preschool curriculum and develop relationships with nondisabled peers.  The District provides Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) in a separate setting for as little as 30-minutes twice weekly, up to 3.5 hours per day.  Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT’s) provide behavioral support in both the special education and Head Start settings.  Related services such as Speech, OT, PT, etc. are provided in either the SAI setting or a separate setting.

Elementary and Secondary Programs: Students who are eligible for special education and have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) are enrolled in general education classrooms for maximum access to the core curriculum.  Both Anna Yates Elementary and Emery Secondary Schools utilize a Learning Center that is accessible to all students who require academic intervention.  Weekly collaboration sessions between the special education teacher(s) and content area teachers are critical to student success and support.  In this model, the general and special educators share instructional strategies and resources for all students in the classroom.  Together the teachers may plan lessons, provide instruction and support, and assess student understanding and progress.

Although students with learning challenges are spending most of the instructional day in the general education classroom, Special Education staff members utilize small group instruction both in and outside the regular classroom in order to focus on pre-teaching or re-teaching skills or content.  Students at the high school may also attend a curriculum support class to assist with study and planning skills.  Transition activities designed to address post secondary employment and education needs are provided both in the classroom and community; related services such as speech and language or occupational therapy are provided in separate settings as per the IEP.

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