Measure J Citizen’s Oversight Commitee

Background of Measure J

In the spring of 2010 the Emery Unified School District conducted a community survey that found that Emeryville residents continue to value quality education and safe, adequate school facilities.  Accordingly, the Emery USD Board of Trustees unanimously placed Measure J on the November 2010 ballot to address the urgent needs in our schools.

After years of District planning and community input, we have identified the following priorities to upgrade our schools that Measure J would address, including:

•    Building seismically safe schools;

•    Improving energy-efficiency, putting more money into the classroom;

•    Bringing classroom technology up to date;

•    Providing facilities for youth after-school recreational and learning programs;

•    Updating school science labs;

Measure J includes fiscal accountability measures, such as an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee to ensure all funds are spent properly.

Consistent with Emeryville community’s tradition of civic support for its schools, we are continuing to collaborate with the City of Emeryville.  Measure J not only replaces aging schools that don’t meet current seismic safety standards, but provides facilities that include a range of essential services such as after-school activities, childcare, health services, and more — all at the same location where schools are housed – to benefit all children and families.

2011 to March 2014 Agenda/Minutes

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2014 to 2017 Agenda/Minutes

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